Who is Bruno? And What am I doing here?

While working professionaly as a creative, I had always thought that design was extremely subjective. What I like, you might not - and what you like, I might not. A study in 2015 took place which suggested that 'choice' or 'likes/dislikes' are a result of pesonality.

Design with Bruno wants to test that theory from a design perspective.

It asks you to take a quiz, and tries to guess what kind of a personality you have 😀.

okay, then what?

So from there, it assigns you a character based on your personality. Each character has different traits. And based on those traits - they share some of their web design inspirations.

The test, thus, speaks to the hidden designer in you (that's too dramatic, lol, seriously it's just a fun quiz, so chill and enjoy).

Most of the people also do not know what they like when they come to web design (specifically those people who do not belong to the specific industry). Therefore, as an agency - it's important to make great design, however - it's also important to make 'successful' design. A successful design is that, which the client approves of. They approve something, when a design matches what they were 'expecting'.

Design with Bruno also provides them the ability to explore some of the modern designs on the web - which can help add more clarity to a project.